Revolutionizing Our World: The Synergy of AI and Web3 in Redefining Wealth, Experience, and Society

There are two ways to make material life better: earn more money (make individuals wealthier) or make consumer goods cheaper (make everyone wealthier). Two years ago, OpenAI's founder Sam envisioned the massive changes in productivity and consumer prices that the upcoming AI revolution would bring in 'Moore's Law for Everything'. What kind of changes would human society undergo if most of the consumer goods and services we need gradually conform to Moore's Law - becoming better and cheaper over time?

Two years later, we all realize that this is very likely to happen; it is only a matter of time, and we may already be on the eve of it. And when it happens, we will witness another massive redistribution of social wealth and a reconstruction of the roles of society's members in human history, and many people will no longer need to do their current jobs. This situation occurs with every technological revolution, but we will soon find new, worthwhile things to invest our time in a new world.

In the upcoming social transformation driven by AI technology, Web3 will also play an important role - because Web3 is essentially a social technology, and the social transformation caused by Web3 has already begun before the AI transformation.

One thing artificial intelligence cannot do for humans is to provide experiences. We enjoy tasting delicious food, getting massages, and appreciating music. Artificial intelligence cannot replace us in experiencing these things. We are also pursuing more unique experiences, such as co-managing an NBA team, co-producing a movie, co-creating a museum, or co-shaping a brand. These highly specialized and exclusive experiences can now be offered to ordinary people with the support of Web3's enhanced coordination and distributed ownership.

Although the widely accepted concept of Web3 is to use cryptography to ensure individual data sovereignty, starting from this underlying technology, the Web3 world has already extended to numerous social-layer applications. This is because we can now use technology to enhance coordination capabilities, reconstruct relationships, reconstruct ownership, and reconstruct power. It will ultimately lead to changes in the social structure, and DAO is one of the products of this change.

The initial DAOs were decentralized investment funds. Subsequently, DAOs were widely applied to decentralized financial protocols to achieve decentralized control. However, the journey of DAOs goes far beyond this. They are currently and will eventually be widely applied in almost all vertical scenarios, such as consumption, culture, and technology. A group of golf enthusiasts who formed LinksDAO has just successfully purchased a golf course in Scotland and plans to operate it, while VitaDAO, composed of life science explorers, has already funded several cutting-edge projects in longevity research. A group of aviation enthusiasts is developing a vertical takeoff and landing passenger aircraft through a DAO called ArrowAir, exploring the future of aerial transportation networks. StoryCo aims to promote community participation in IP creation and management to reconstruct Hollywood's power structure, and Arkive is building a community-operated museum, giving ordinary people the opportunity to define culture.

Examples like these are numerous, and they are entering most industries and every area people love at an incredible speed. However, they are still very small, and exploration is in its infancy. Perhaps most of them will fail, but the power of hope for change behind them is immensely strong. We are no longer satisfied with merely passively accepting; instead, we hope to find a community full of belonging and meaning, starting from passion, having experiences we couldn't have in the past, and participating in creations we couldn't participate in before. These desires are not born because of Web3; they have long flowed in the blood of humanity. But Web3 technology has driven the opportunity to turn these desires into reality.

Regardless of whether AI is present or not, the transformation triggered by Web3 technology is happening. However, the productivity revolution brought about by AI will greatly promote the Web3 transformation. When humans create more wealth and can devote less time to meeting life's necessities, we will have more time and energy to explore the unknown, create new things, shape new cultures, and envision the future. A future with broader participation, in line with the interests and values of more people.

Both AI and Web3 are bringing about a series of changes in control. These seemingly small changes, when gathered together, will change the operational foundation of the entire world at the system level, thus fundamentally transforming our lives. A few years ago, most parts of the world were calm. However, in recent years, pandemics, wars, international situations, financial markets, and the incredibly powerful AI have had a dramatic impact on each of us. There is no doubt that the turbulence will continue for some time, and when everything calms down, people will open their eyes and see a brand new world.


This article was originally written in Chinese. The English version you see was translated entirely by ChatGPT, without any modifications. The English title of this article was also generated by ChatGPT, based on its understanding of the article.

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